Here you’ll find the texts that describe stars, galaxies and other astronomical objects

All you need to know about supernova Part 2

The air of this superstar as soon as of explosion at the effect of the combination of development is now twisted, and that can be nearer to the heart of the celebrity would be the significant factors (around iron), and even much higher using each coating more moderate to hydrogen. Every time a devastating compression […]

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All you need to know about supernova Part 1

Supernova the complete destruction of a star. The remnants of the supernova explosion is expanding with great speed the nebula. In some cases, in the center of the nebula observed cowering to the super dense state of the core. “Supernova” failed historically the term. “New” was called unexpectedly appearing stars. In fact, they existed before, […]

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How stars die?

They say that the stars are going out at dawn and light up the evening, but at night, when our atmosphere is transparent to visible light and scattered sunlight to create a bright blue background, the stars Shine just like Shine to our ancestors millions of years ago. And yet the stars are not eternal, […]

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