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How to learn the basics of physics Part 2

Also possible to study the thermodynamics of the law, the processes of direct and reverse Carnot cycle. To study, for example, why the internal combustion engine (and any heat engine) is the ultimate real efficiency and equal it is, of course, not 99% or even 70%, and about 40%. In the study of the working […]

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How to learn the basics of physics Part 1

Studying physics at school is built correctly in terms of “unfolding events”, another thing is that, as in the case of mathematics, it is not always clear why do we need to know. Since physics is purely practical, if we are not talking about some special physic mathematical schools, and it needs to be taught […]

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How stars die?

They say that the stars are going out at dawn and light up the evening, but at night, when our atmosphere is transparent to visible light and scattered sunlight to create a bright blue background, the stars Shine just like Shine to our ancestors millions of years ago. And yet the stars are not eternal, […]

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Theoretical information on elementary particle physics

The kinetic molecular theory is popularly named the philosophy of this buildings and structure of thing around the grounds of thoughts in regards to the presence of molecules and atoms whilst the tiniest particles of an compound. The cornerstone for molecular kinetic concept relies on 3 Standard principles. These compounds reliable, gas and liquid are […]

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