What do snowboarding, medical school, and Uganda have in common? The answer is Brolin Mawejje. A mere 21 years old, Brolin has endured more hardship than most individuals will in a lifetime.

Beginning his life in Kampala, Uganda, Brolin lived with a single father and seven siblings. He was forced to learn very early on how to take care of himself, as his culture and family provided very few opportunities for him.

Brolin's childhood in Uganda shaped him as an individual, as he developed a general distrust and a fear of authority figures resulting from a number of traumatic incidences. Opportunity and good luck, however, have subtle ways of entering our lives. In 2004, Brolin learned that his mother, who was absent the first 11 years of his life, was living in America and had finally found the means to help her long-lost son move to the United States.

At the tender age of eleven, Brolin's transition into American society was frightening, to say the least. Facing bullying, isolation and depression, Brolin saw little hope for the future. Perhaps through divine intervention, he found sanctuary in the most unlikely of places; the snowboarding community on the icy slopes of Massachusetts.

Through snowboarding, Brolin found an outlet for his anger. He developed a second family on the mountains, a family who constantly pushed him to overcome his fears. He had finally found the guidance and opportunity he was searching for.

As his snowboarding career developed, so did his passion for the medical field, specifically orthopedic surgery. Perhaps motivated by the violence he experienced in Uganda, Brolin is now dedicating himself to a career in surgery.

Brolin's strong will and good nature in the face of adversity fueled his ascent into the snowboard and medical world, and continue to serve as an inspiration to his family and friends. His determination has inspired a team to come together to tell his story.

Far From Home is an independent documentary that will retrace the journey of Brolin Mawejje, from his childhood in Uganda, to his struggles in America, while documenting his road to the Olympics and medical school. Brolin's story holds the power to change lives as it is an embodiment of what so many of us strive to find, our true potential.


Since we debuted our first teaser for the film on March 22nd giving audiences only a small window into Brolin's life, we have been amazed by the response to our project. Check out the following articles and interviews to learn more about Far From Home and Brolin's incredible journey.


The Far From Home team is currently seeking contributions and donations to fund the rest of our production. If you would like to speak with a member of the production team, please contact Phil Hessler at or Galen Knowles at

Also, we are always looking for talented individuals who can see the value in sharing Brolin's story with the world. If you believe your skills in media arts can benefit the project, please inquire at the same emails listed above.


Galen Knowles is the driving force behind this project. His craftiness behind the camera, paired with his profound vision for this film brings the level of professionalism necessary for success in the film industry. At only 20 years old, you'll be sure to hear more from Galen Knowles in the future as he proceeds into a very promising career as a director.

Philip Hessler has been involved with Brolin's story for nearly a decade, witnessing first hand the circumstances Brolin battled against to get to where he is today. Together Phil and Brolin hatched the idea to create this documentary nearly a year ago, and it is Phil's ambitions for film that have brought the project to where it is today.

Creative Director
Danny Rosen's media design skills are a true testament to the unique look and feel of Far From Home. With 7 years of graphic design and web development experience Danny has made many invaluable contributions to this project.

Associate Producer
Adam Schellenberg is a long time friend of Brolin and Phil. He is a savvy business student at Santa Clara University, and assists Phil in all production aspects of the film. Ranging from fundraising to social media management.

Associate Producer
Gabe Veenendal is a seasoned professional in the film industry. With experience in a wide array of film projects, Gabe was immediately drawn to this story. His passion for this film has greatly expanded our outreach in the Salt Lake area.

Director of PR
Lori Heden is a young woman with tremendous drive and enthusiasm. With a passion for marketing, she immediately found her place in the project as maintaining our social media sites and finding areas for growth and development in all areas of the project.


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